Monday – 4/18

We are starting the week with something kinda fun. This snatch wave is essentially three rounds of EMOM increasing weight each round and reseting the bar back to 65% after each 5th minute.  These can be power or squat snatches but they are all coming from the floor every time.  Try not to game the workout too much, go hard and see if you can do as much as you can unbroken.


A.) Snatch wave:
EMOM 15 min: 1 snatch
*start at 65% 1RM snatch and add weight each minute for 5 minutes, reset the bar back to 65% after the 5th minute. Repeat this 2 more times for a total of 15 minutes
**Girls add 5# / Guys with snatch 165 and over add #10, under 165 add 5#)

B.) 3 rounds for time:
25 Wall ball
25 RKB Swing (70/53)

Cash out:
3 x 1:00 weighted plank
3 x 0:15-0:30 ring support hold