Tuesday – 4/26

For the workout today we have three, four minute AMRAPs with a two minute rest between each one. Shoulder to overhead can be push press, push jerk, split jerk, strict press, it doesn’t matter. You don’t necessarily have to use the most weight possible today, just challenge yourself with whatever movement you choose to do.

The gymnastics portion of the day is just what it says: Practice.  If you can only get halfway up the rope, get halfway up the rope.  If you don’t muscle ups try working on just getting a smooth, tight kip on the rings for today or maybe pressing out of a deep ring dip.  The numbers on this one are only suggestions today.  This is where we get better at things we suck at so use this time wisely and don’t just blow it off. You should be putting in just as much effort in part B today as you do in any other part of a workout.

Have fun!


A.) 3 rounds of:
4 minute AMRAP
Max Rep Unbroken Shoulder to OH
–when you drop the bar go immediately into–
Max Calorie Row in remaining time
–rest 2 minutes—

*S2OH can be any variation of a press that you like, it does not have to be a jerk.  You may do strict press, push press or any jerk variation
*Choose a weight on the S2OH that allows for at least 6-8 reps, more is okay, 15 is too many.  These should be challenging reps


B.) Gymnastics practice:
2 rounds not for time:
3 rope climbs – legless, not legless… whatever
14 Box Step ups (L+R = 2) – add weight via barbell on back or KBs in hands if you want
5 Ring muscle ups – pick any progression for MU
5 Bar muscle ups – sub strict banded C2B
10 T2B