Friday – 4/28

A.) Back Squat: 1 rep every 2 minutes for 7 sets
*build to a heavy single for the day. Try to hit something above or around 90% by your 5th set. If you are feeling good, go for a PR.

B.) 8 rounds of:
Pull a sub 1:30(men)/1:40(women) pace on the rower for as long as possible.
*rest 1 minute – rest time starts as soon as your pace goes over the specified target pace
*if you cannot pull a 1:30/1:40 for every just a few seconds raise the goal pace by 10 seconds (ie: 1:40, 1:50) to a point where you can maintain the pace for at least 10 seconds. These intervals today do not have to be very long, in fact unless you are super tall and a freak rower they shouldn’t be. We are looking for all out efforts and high intensity today, not long endurance rows.