News and upcoming events

Summer is a busy time of year, and for us at Towpath Fitness that is no different. Here are a few things we are doing over the next couple of weeks and months, but first some news: Towpath Fitness will now officially be known as Towpath CrossFit! While we have been a CrossFit affiliate for a couple of years now we kept the name Towpath Fitness as our outward gym name. We have decided that now is the time to change that. Our social media accounts have already been updated and coming soon our signage on the outside of the

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Towpath Summer Slim Down Nutrition Challenge

REGISTER HERE 07/01/2019 - 08/10/2019 For 6 weeks this summer we are going to attempt to focus on our nutrition, jump start our bodies and increase our fitness. The goal of this challenge will be to keep things super simple, and to do that we will keep to Ben Bergeron's (CrossFit New England) recipe for success:- Eat Real Food- Not Too Much- Mostly PlantsIn these three points we can find health, longevity and the guidelines for our challenge. Going with our theme of simple, this challenge will be based on a scoring system of 4 points each day, which are

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