Changes to Thursday classes

This week marks a slight change in our weekly schedule at TPCF. Thursday classes will no longer be a Free-for-all and will now be a regularly programmed day, the same and every other day of the week but Sunday. Sunday will stay as our only day of Open Gym. There are several reasons behind this, I will explain them as best I can.

Coaching Effectiveness
First and most important element of this is the simple fact that it is nearly impossible to give everyone in a class the coaching and attention they deserve if we have 8 people doing 4 different workouts. Our product at Towpath is coaching, not CrossFit. Our goal is not to just have you in the gym working out, but to have you in the gym working out and getting the best coaching you can for the workout and movements you are performing. I believe the best way to accomplish this is to standardize our class.

The second factor in this relates to how members use this day. Typically what I see is most members making up a workout or doing a workout that is planned for the next couple of days. Instead of making you choose which workout sounds like fun or which workout you like the best we are going to give you one that is just as good and give you the coaching that goes along with it. Random workouts and random coaching lead to bad results, and also to my next point.

Safety and health
Being safe and keeping you healthy are the absolute most important things to us as your coaches. We want to make sure no one overuses or overexerts a particular movement pattern or muscle group. Even with workouts posted for the entire week its easy to not pay attention to what is coming up the following day. Doing this will result in overuse of a particular movement or muscle group it could lead to injuries over time. I would rather keep us all on the same path and know that these movements are thought out in advance to make sure we all stay healthy.

For those that use this day as open gym and an opportunity to work on skills, weaknesses and stuff you suck at – I haven’t forgotten about you. I understand that Thursdays are a great day to work on skills and so we will try to accommodate that. Going forward (after this week) I will have on Thursday what will be a member driven skill EMOM each week. These EMOMs will be 20 minutes long for the most part and will consist of one skill that someone has verbalized or otherwise communicated to me or another coach. If we get enough feedback on a particular movement we will schedule it for multiple weeks in a row. Typically this skill will be coupled with some sort of metabolic or bodyweight movement to keep your heart rate slightly elevated.

This will be an evolving method but please let me or the other coaches know the skills and techniques you are looking to get better and and we will help you the best we can.