Towpath Crossfit

Congratulations to everyone for finishing the 2019 CrossFit Open!  These were definitely some tough workouts and if you did all 5 you completed a very tough test of fitness.  Hopefully everyone learned a little something about themselves and their fitness and now have a few goals and weaknesses to work on.

Now that the Open is over we are going to dedicate a little more of our time to the basic strength movements and getting better and stronger at those.   We are going to do this is with an 8-day rotation (6 working days / 2 rest days) that allows each week to be different than the week before it. These 6 working days will be as follows:

– Max Effort (ME) Lower Body (LB)

– Dynamic Effort (DE) Olympic Lifting / Gymnastics / Skills

– Max Effort Upper Body (UB)

– Dynamic Effort  Lower Body

– Max Effort Olympic / Hero / Girl / Open

– Dynamic Effort Upper Body

ME Days focus on a max load for the particular lift you have or max reps if it is a bodyweight movement.  DE days will focus on either hypertrophy (building muscle) or explosiveness (moving weight quickly).

Our workouts will still be CrossFit, nothing will change about that.  One thing you might notice is that in our workouts you might see a bit of accessory to the main lift we did that day (ie:  Lunges if we squatted, KBS if we DL, push ups if benching). This won’t happen every day but it will happen. Also now that its getting nice out we are going to be doing a few sprints out in the parking log with sleds, prowlers and good old fashioned running.  I know these aren’t as sexy as a 20 minute AMRAP but they are just as, if not more, effective for your fitness. Don’t skip these days.

This isn’t what you would call a “cycle” as there are enough movements and variations of those movements that we don’t need a 4, 8 or 12 week label, instead we can rotate those variations each week and (possibly) not see the same exact movement for weeks but still train its movement patters.