Intro and Fundamentals

Our fundamentals classes are designed for everyone at any fitness level.  These classes are designed to teach you the core movements that are regularly seen at Towpath Fitness.  You will have the opportunity to increase your fitness level gradually so that at the end of your fundamentals class you will be more than ready to join our strength and conditioning classes.

Your fundamentals will consist of a total of six classes, each lasting between 60-90 minutes. Each class will introduce new movements, skills and conditioning pieces and each class will build on the ones before it.

At the end of your fundamentals class you will receive a Towpath Fitness t-shirt and a jump rope. You will also have the opportunity to try any and all of our classes for the next two weeks at no charge. This will let you figure out which classes you like the best and how our schedule works with yours.

The cost of fundamentals is $190.  Fundamentals classes start every 2 weeks and must be completed before joining the daily CrossFit classes.   We ask that you make every attempt to make the class that you signed up for, however we understand that life happens and you may have to miss a class.  We value the time and effort our coaches put into these classes so if you do need to makeup a class you will need to arrange a time with your coach to make up the missed class at a cost of $10 per missed class.  This will be up to you and your coach to figure out the time that best accommodates both of your schedules.  Once you start your fundamentals classes no refunds will be given.

Fundamentals classes are required for entry into your CrossFit classes unless you have previous CrossFit experience.

We offer fundamentals classes at 7:30pm in two different sessions: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday with an additional session taking place one day over the weekend.  This weekend session will be up to you and your coach to figure out based on a mutual schedule.  Please fill out the form below and we will email you with what spaces we currently have available.

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