DIY 24/7 Access

Hi if you are here you are looking for a DIY 24/7.   Here is how we did the entire DIY set up ourselves for about around $550 and only a $10 month fee.  Our setup not only gives member 24/7 access but also give owners complete remote access to the gym to adjust thermostat, turn off lights or sound system and even open/close the garage door.   

First a little background on us we are a smaller gym with about 65ish members, 4 or 5 classes a day (1 or 2 morning and 3 evening) and 4000ish sq ft facility.  Due to our size, we can fit a max of 16 people in class and with COVID restrictions 11.   We wanted to offer extended access to members.   We looked into Rhinofit and Hybrid AF and a few non-crossfit options.   All of them work well for medium to large sized gyms but the upfront cost or monthly fees were just too much for us

Door Hardware

First you need to know what type of door locks you have.  The standard deadbolt, Mortise Cylinder or some other random lock type.   We had both deadbolt and mortise.    Deadbolt will be the easiest and what we used.

We have used 2 different locks  both remote accessible wifi/Bluetooth

We switched to this lock and both us and the members have locked it so much better.  First the hardware feels a lot more solid than the August lock.  Took a little longer to install because it replaced the outside part of the door so that you had a keypad.   

The app is the only draw back to the lock as sometimes it crashes when trying to connect to the lock.  Luckily this come with the Keypad so that really takes care it it.  Also app was just updated and haven’t had any issues.

Pics of the app

The lock was ok.   Hardware was a mix of plastic and metal and feels a little cheap.  Easy to install replacing the inside part of the deadbolt but the external part remained the same so that you could use existing keys.     While the hardware was ok the app was great.   Unlimited users can set a schedule for hours of access. 

The only real issue we had was the lock didn’t work very well when it got cold like below freezing and constantly needed the batteries to be changed.   Being in Cleveland Ohio it got annoying

Key Pad for August smart lock if you want to give another option besides just using the app



We use the ring security system with professional monitoring for $10 a month.    Literally nothing else out there cheaper AND our insurance company likes it. 

 Motion sensor, door sensor and alarm keypad plus.  Everything is battery operated and wireless meaning no wires.   Going on 2 years and havent needed to change.  Also has batter backup built in for main system

Per insurance requirements we needed a panic button which Ring has one that you can add to their system.  

 **Test the system once you set up it but MAKE SURE you tell both ring and the local dispatcher so you dont have EMS show up.  


Secuirty Cameras

You could use the ring cameras if you want the system all in one.  

We use the ieGeek and Alptop cameras these 2 both for the gym and for home. Half the cost of ring and more customizable depending on much of a geek you are, you can use the recommended app or you can do some computer wizardry and get the picture forwarded to another app/ computer.

** Works over WI-FI but to set up its best to plug into ethernet

Other Security Stuff

we put these on all our light switches to be able to turn on and off the lights in case a member would forget to turn them off

We use these to turn off or on random other devices members forget to run off (speakers)

** best we have found is the amazon ones super easy to set up but we also have these other ones good but a little hard to set up

We have 2  Reznor heaters hooked up to these wifi thermostats


Programable but also can control from app.  This does need a C wire to power so you might need to use a transformer like this to get the power.  Easy to add.

Added this more for fun but just in case a member would forget to shut the door we have the ability to remotely shut or open it in case there would be a lock issue.  

There are a number of them..  this is what we went with

This is basically the entire set up for about 500-600 and a $10 monthly fee plus internet of course but we already have that.  


If you have any questions or need any help please email me and ill be more than happy too help.